Welcome to Composition at the Beach! CSULB’s composition program is committed to helping students develop the writing abilities needed to succeed in their academic careers, their future professions, their civic responsibilities, and their lives in general. This social networking site is rich with resources for composition instructors and students. Through the “Course Groups” tab, Composition at the Beach also serves as the portal for many courses: from First-Year Composition to Advanced Argumentation to our graduate course on Theories and Practices of Composition, the site presents the most up-to-date approaches to teaching writing today.

Students: Composition at the Beach is a social network with over 3,500 members. The site has been designed to complement your English classes, and many of your instructors have created course groups for you to join. DO NOT create your own group! Your instructor has already created the group, and you simply have to join it. You should look for your class under the “Course Groups” tab. Please keep in mind that this “Main” page is visible to everyone on the site. This means that anything you post to the main page or write in the main room chat feature can be seen by everyone: not just the people in your class. If you’d like to ask a question, be sure to identify your course number or instructor. To avoid confusion, please message your instructor or a classmate privately.

In addition to Composition at the Beach, you may have been asked to join Beachboard. Note that Beachboard is CSULB’s contained course management system and it is not Composition at the Beach. Your login information for Beachboard should be identical to your login for MyCSULB. You must choose your own username and password for Composition at the Beach. 
As always, please ask your instructor if you need clarification. 



A network for students and faculty at CSULB representing a variety of writing courses at undergraduate and graduate levels.

For Instructors: English 100

Instructors: Please choose your textbook from the Approved Composition Textbook List for 100 and 100S for the 2015 - 2016 academic year. Email Sarah if you have questions or are assembling your own list.

Composition 100 Standard Course Outline

Sample Comp 100 Course complete with syllabus, essay assignments, and all course materials
Sample Syllabi:

Sample Assignments

For Instructors: English 100S

Composition 100S Standard Course Outline 

Critical Reading Presentation

Composition 100S, formerly known as ENGL 1 and ENGL 1E, is now a stretch course and is a graded, credit bearing course.

Sample Syllabi

English 100S Assessment Project Report, Fall 2013

Composition 100S Rubric for Assessment Project Fall 2013

Early Start Program

The CSU system enacted a policy known as "Early Start" requiring incoming students who score 147 or below on the English Placement Test to begin remediation during the summer. Click here for the most up-to-date information.

Sample Early Start Course

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